Kitchener Families Love Moppet!
I was really concerned about my spirited but cautious 3-year-old feeling comfortable while away from me and in the company of her peers. Moppet helped her to feel confident in a group and to express her needs calmly. This year, she went to Full-Day Kindergarten, and adjusted much faster than I had dared hope. I know the support and nurturing she received at Moppet helped to ease her transition to Junior Kindergarten.
Robin, Mom to two kids

My son attended Moppet before his kindergarten year. He loved going every day (especially due to the sand table!), and we were so pleased with how the program helped him to learn important classroom behaviours and social skills. It was amazing to watch him progress from a toddler to a preschooler who was more willing to share his toys, listen to others and make new little friends. The skills he learned and the confidence he gained helped his transition to the “big school” incredibly. Above all, Moppet was fun! We are so grateful to the Moppet teachers for creating program that is developmental, creative and welcoming.
Robin, Mom to two kids

Being the parents of an only child, we worried that our son may have a hard time adjusting when it was time for kindergarten. Moppet was highly recommended to us and we were so happy with our decision to enroll him. He made friends and learned some everlasting social skills. Not only was it an excellent choice for him but as parents we loved being part of a co-operative. It made us feel proud that we were helping not just our son but all the children.
Kirsten and Bill, Parents of a Moppet graduate

I was unsure how my shy 3 year old would handle himself within a large group of new kids, adults, routines etc. Moppet has helped him gain confidence, become more comfortable in larger groups, as well as getting used to routines and taking direction from the teachers. I believe Moppet has been an important step for him in preparation for kindergarten and will help ease the transition when the time comes.”
Maureen, Mother of 2

My determined and exuberant four year old has enjoyed Moppet immensely. She has benefited greatly from the time with her peers; a safe and engaging environment, and two caring teachers. She is very inquisitive, and Moppet has encouraged her observations and investigations about our world and her environment. As she transitions into JK, I know the friendships and skills she has developed in preschool will help ready her for the big change!
Erin, Mother of 3

Moppets has been a part of our household for several years. Our eldest two sons attended and loved the program. Sending our daughter was an easy decision for us. We found it helps develop an understanding for rules and routines outside of home. Children learn to listen and be respectful towards teachers, other adults and peers. Moppet encourages making friends and growing confidence all while having fun, and has proven to be an excellent transition to JK. It makes our daughter feel special to chat and share about her school day with us at dinner.
Annette, Mother of 4

My daughter is a very shy young lady; for the first two years of her life virtually no one but her mother or me could do anything for her. After six months at Moppet her circle of trusted adults has grown considerably, from the teachers to the other parents she sees there on a regular basis. When we see these people out in the community we automatically begin caring for one another’s children. We’ve discovered a wonderful extended family in our community, with Moppet at the centre.
Sam, Father of 2

The Moppet classroom is a beautiful and carefully constructed space for our children to play and learn in. The teachers have developed fun and engaging learning centres for our children to explore and create in. The curriculum provides a wonderful variety of activities to nurture our children’s imaginations and expand their curiosities. I’m so glad our children had the opportunity to attend Moppet!
Sarah, mother of 2