Parent Participation

Parent ParticipatingMoppet offers the opportunity to be involved in a meaningful way in your child’s first school experiences. From social events, fundraising opportunities and cleaning nights, to volunteering in the classroom or running the business, our members co-operate to make Moppet a success. Your participation also allows us to keep our program costs down.

Classroom Duty

Duty and non-duty spaces are available in each class. Duty families volunteer regularly in their child’s classroom. Duty shifts occur approximately twice a month in the preschool classes, and once a month in the toddler class. Note that siblings cannot be brought along during your duty shift. Non-duty members are not scheduled to volunteer in the Moppet classroom but are always welcome to visit.

Classroom Participation

the key to the success of a parent participating preschool is co-operation

You are always welcome to stay in the classroom with your child until he or she feels comfortable. Parents are also welcome to assist in the classroom with special events and field trips. We invite interested parents to share a special skill with the children, such as playing a musical instrument, or demonstrating their profession.

Committee Work

Each family is assigned a committee role for the year, based on availability and skill sets. While some committee positions require your presence in the classroom (such as classroom photographer or snack coordinator), others require only evening commitments (such as social committee or cleaning coordinator). A committee role can also include an elected seat on our executive board, which meets monthly, and handles all aspects of running the business side of our preschool.

Cleaning Night

One adult representative from each family is needed one night per year. In addition to maintaining our high cleanliness standards, these group cleaning nights are a great way to get to know your fellow members.


Your family is requested to contribute at least $100 per year to our fundraising campaigns, either by direct donation or by calling on your friends and family in the course of our fundraising campaigns. Please see our fundraising page for details about current and upcoming fundraising initiatives.

All-Member Meetings

Your family will participate in a few all-member meetings per year, including our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June and our Orientation meeting in September.